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  • Help achieve and protect our patient’s healthy and beautiful smiles for a life time


  • Bacteria damage teeth and gums in the mouth
  • Leads to broken, painful ugly teeth and gums
  • Less self confidence
  • Expensive and time consuming

Our TEAM Promise

  • Understands patient pain, dejected appearance & unhealthy mouth
  • Picked the BEST place and TEAM to solve your oral problems


  • Develop a step-by-step plan to achieve stable environment
  • Provide a financial path to establish a healthy mouth
  • Achieve overall body well-being


  • CALL OUR OFFICE to schedule an appointment
  • Read testimonials from other patients we have helped down your same path

Achieved Success

  • Eliminate their pain, infections and severe inflammation in the mouth
  • Improve self confidence
  • Allow better function and stability of the mouth


  • Value patient relationships
  • Priority to deliver gentle compassionate care
  • Feel at ease with exceptional patient care in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Develop lifelong relationships with patients
  • Combining the latest dental technology with the highest level of education
  • Uncompromised personalized service


We offer a variety of dental services and treatments including:

For a full list of services, please click here.

Let us care for you and your entire family! We look to meeting you!
In good dental health,
Gregory S. Brya DDS & TEAM


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Heather does an excellent job of cleaning my teeth! Thank you for allowing her enough time in the schedule to actually do the great job!"
    Susan D.
  • "Dr Brya and everyone that works in the office are exceptional at what they do. Our family appreciates the friendly atmosphere and the professional approach. Thank you all!"
    Stephen S.
  • "Simply put...he is the BEST dentist I have ever been to. He thoroughly explains everything and puts you at ease. You can tell from your first visit with him, and his staff, that your comfort and your dental health are top priority with them. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brya and am so thankful he is my new dentist."
    Sheryl S.
  • "A plus!!!"
    Rebecca S.
  • "The staff was very warm and inviting. The hygienist was excellent in the way she made my son feel comfortable and relaxed. She took extra lengths to ensure he knew what she was going to do during his visit. I am so happy with the attention to details at the office."
    Amary S.
  • "Maryam and Dr. Brya were wonderful as always!"
    Megan K.
  • "Dr Brya and his staff are totally professional and friendly! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to his practice."
    Scott P.
  • "Office staff is top notch!"
    Tyler S.
  • "Maryam is the best!!!"
    Kim B.
  • "Danielle does a great job cleaning my teeth! She is very thorough and Ive noticed it improve my oral health significantly since coming to your office! I really appreciate the high quality of care given. Thank you!!"
    Valeria W.
  • "Love this office. I drive 20 minutes extra and am out of network to come here for the great experience. Thank you!"
    Nancy C.
  • "Love this office. I drive 20 minutes extra and am out of network to come here for the great experience. Thank you!"
    Autumn S.
  • "Dr Brya is excellent. His hygienists are the best. Best atmosphere of any dentist office ever. Pleasant, efficient, timely, and you can be confident that you are getting the best dental care ever. I have referred others who have thanked me for that referral. BEST EVER!!"
    Patricia S.
  • "From the time you check in to the time you check out, the services are exceptional. Both the doctor and the staff were very helpful and patient centric. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist. Thanks."
    Matangi B.
  • "We always have a wonderful experience!"
    Riley S.
  • "Always professional service!"
    Patrica D.
  • "My husband are new patients of Dr. Brya and went to our first appt. yesterday. We came away very impressed with the entire staff, their care, shared information of needed procedures, and an overall feeling of trust in their care & knowledge."
    Sheryl S.
  • "Thank you so much for showing that you care! The entire staff and the doctor always want to make sure their patients have the best dental health care experience. We, our entire family greatly appreciates the service. We give out highest recommendation to your Dental Practice Dr. Brya."
    Francisca K.
  • "Heather does an AMAZING job with my son Breccan and I always enjoy seeing Danielle and Dr Brya."
    Breccan C.
  • "Very professional."
    Thomas D.
  • "Miriam is so kind and patient! Thank you for always explaining each step to our kids. Dr. Brya always takes time to be personable and patient as well. Thank you!"
    Mason B.
  • "Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful, as always. I have to admit ever since I have started coming to this office, my fear of dentists has subsided. Thank you."
    Pamela R.
  • "This office is over and above any dentist office out there!"
    Donna C.
  • "Another very professional experience with a great dental team"
    William B.
  • "Awesome service and employees."
    Anthony E.
  • "Thanks for all you do!"
    Shannon L.
  • "Amazing Practice, staff and Dr. Brya make me feel comfortable every visit!"
    Tapika K.
  • "The staff always does a wonderful job from the moment I walk into the office. Today was no different: efficient, personable, and helpful in every possible way. Thank you all for the work you do in helping to manage my family?s dental health!!"
    Daniel H.
  • "Dr Brya and Heather are the best."
    LeeAnn K.
  • "Every visit Im impressed with the professionalism and high quality of service from Dr. Brya and his staff! Thank you!!"
    Valerie W.
  • "Dr. Brya is the best. Our family has been going to him for over 20 yrs. My children still come in from out of state because they like him and his staff. Everyone is always very friendly and helpful."
    Diane R.
  • "I dont very often give excellent ratings, but you all deserve it and more. Cant tell you how impressed I have been with all the services and care I received at your office. Keep up the excellent work and have a wonderful Holiday Season"
    Norma K.
  • "Doctor Brya is professional, is office is beautiful. He takes great pride in making sure his patients are comfortable as possible. His staff is five stars."
    Bruce M.
  • "Clean and professional as ALWAYS!!!"
    Slade C.
  • "Thank you Miriam and Dr. Brya for taking the time to answer my questions and being understanding of my concerns."
    Erica H.
  • "Dr Brya, Mariam and all their staff are excellent!"
    Zakir P.
  • "Very professional and friendly staff, the clinic facility is nice, Dr Brya is excellent, Mariam did a great job cleaning, It was overall an impressive experience!"
    Tasnim P.
  • "I really appreciate the professional staff, always up beat and willing to be of help. Doctor Brya is the best. The office is beautiful and clean"
    Bruce M.
  • "Top banana team!"
    Pierce O.
  • "Great Dentist and Hygienist"
    Joy T.
  • "Dr Brya and his staff are always professional. I always receive the best care and attention. Dr Brya explains status thoroughly ; always at level I understand."
    Mary H.
  • "Everyone in the office is always very pleasant. Very happy with the Dr. And his staff! Thanks!"
    Amy R.
  • "Excellent service from your hygienist. She took her time and did a thorough job. Very professional. Dr. Brya also provided excellent service and care. Very happy and satisfied with my visit. Would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. See you in December."
    Norma K.
  • "Wonderful staff and great service."
    Thendapani S
  • "Best dental practice Ive ever been to."
    Richard H.
  • "Wonderful team, and friendly environment."
    Pierce O.

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